While it is legitimate for the landlord to recover reasonable costs incurred in dealing with requests for consent and the like, property valuations Melbourne there is evidence that some misuse their position to extract unreasonable charges from leaseholders. Fees may also be charged for providing information (e.g. to prospective purchasers) and penalties for late payment of other monies due. Whether particular works will be considered ‘major’, and therefore subject to consultation, will depend on whether the cost exceeds a threshold specified in the Act.

The relevant amount is currently prescribed as the higher of £1,000, or £50 multiplied by the number of dwellings let to leaseholders who are required to pay service charges. brisbane property valuationsThe existing formula means that the amount of money that individual leaseholders may be required to pay without prior consultation varies considerably. For example, in a house converted into just two flats where both are let on long leases, there would be no requirement to consult on works which would cost each leaseholder £499.

On the other hand, in a block of 100 flats where 90 flats were let to renting tenants, there could be a requirement to consult leaseholders for work which would cost them just £10.01. Some landlords, particularly local authorities, place long term contracts to handle all maintenance work as and when necessary. Representations and alternative tenders put forward by leaseholders are often ignored and landlords proceed with their preferred contractor.

Currently, their jurisdiction is specifically limited to questions about the standards and costs of services or works. Time and resources may be wasted in a dispute over reasonableness at a LVT if the court subsequently rules that the sum is not recoverable for other reasons. The Residential Leasehold Reform consultation paper of November 1998 proposed to simplify the way in which the threshold is set for consultation on major works15.

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